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“Are you ready to find health, vitality, happiness and balance in your life?”

The 21st Century and ourselves were not designed for one another. Pressures, work, deadlines and money worries all take their toll on health. We can start each day feeling tired, lacking any energy for the tasks that follow. This combined with a bad diet can lead to an immune system that no longer copes and the manifestation of long-term illnesses like obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease can develop. Besides affecting health, life pressures affect mood, relationships and personal esteem.

Unlike conventional medicine, I incorporate adaptive nutrition alongside coaching. I ask the questions, ‘Why have things gone wrong?’ ‘Why do you lack energy?’ ‘Why are you depressed?’ ‘Why can’t you lose weight?’

Just because you’ve been labelled as overweight, or with a condition such as IBS or depression, it is not set in stone. By finding out and targeting the likely underlying cause or causes, we can address your symptoms and restore health and balance. Together we can work out a plan to change things for the better

Conventional medicine, for example, will treat depression with anti-depressant medication, focusing on the symptoms and not the cause. I use an adaptive approach, investigating multiple factors including:

Environmental demands – the food that you eat, combined with the toxins that we are exposed to in the air that you breathe and the water you drink all affect our health.

Mind-body aspects – Your level of physical movement, your emotional/psychological and situational factors can all have a profound influence on your health. Considering these areas helps us see your health in the context of you as a whole person, and not just in terms of physical symptoms.

Genetic information – Your genes are part of who you are and may make you more prone to some diseases. Your genes are activated and expressed by everything in your environment, including diet, experiences, attitudes and beliefs, so don’t remain your archetype.

“By understanding the whole of you, I can help you make the small change that makes the massive difference.”

“Mark brought balance back into my life. His scientific and educational approach to food taught me to realise the best version of myself. I’ve never been happier. Anna Copeland.”

“Mark believed that we could resolve my long-term gut issues. With focus on boosting my immune system using appropriate supplementation, food, intolerance tests and stress reduction techniques, I have never felt better.”

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